Pureflex PTFE/FEP Hose

13 April 2018


Wah Joo Seng is pleased to bring in Pureflex – dependable and high-performance PTFE/FEP hoses and composite products from the U.S.A. These high purity hoses are specially designed for harsh, aggressive services suited for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and ultra-pure related industries.

Pureflex is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance fluoropolymer and composite products and technologies. Pureflex® specializes in the manufacturing of fluid handling and sealing products specifically designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, and ultra-pure related industries.



Wah Joo Seng is pleased to announce dependable and high-quality PTFE/FEP hose.

Wah Joo Seng provides dedicated on-site facilities and tooling to assemble your PTFE hose. Our PTFE cleanroom is perfect to store and assemble Pureflex hose. Wah Joo Seng’s dedicated cleanroom makes sure all PTFE hoses are free from contaminants that affect purity. Our operation team is certified with years of relevant experience in hose assembly and flare-thru.


Pureflex Hose Assembly, Flare-thru

End Fitting Stock Various hose options and accessories of Pureflex
Dedicated on-site facilities and tooling. Several types of end connections to choose from. Several hose cover options available to suit every unique need.


Our stock of PTFE/FEP hoses, over 20 types of end connections are all READY for assembly and delivery locally NOW! We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at: +65 6298 3211 or kingflex@wahjooseng.com


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