Ever-Tite 90° Coupler with Check Valve

Ever-Tite 90° Coupler with Check Valve

Ever-Tite U.S.A.

We sell Dixon®, Evertite® and OPW® range of cam and groove couplings. *Note that technical specifications, data, weight varies from brands.

- Ease of use, quick connection without the use of special tools
- Available in wide variety of sizes and configurations, double couplers, reducing couplers, ASME flanges, spool adaptors socket weld and buttweld
- Interchangeable with all camlocks produced to specs A-A-59326D
- No standard exists for 1/2" and 8" couplings - these sizes do not interchange across manufacturers
- Recommended for use with liquids

- Aluminum* (Military Specification Compliant with MIL-A-8625 Anodizing)
- Forged Brass* (Military Specification Compliant)*
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Polypropylene
- Also available in Hard coat or Anodized Aluminum, Monel®, Hastalloy® C and Carpenter 20®

Standard in NPT. Also available in BSP, BST and NPSM, please check with any of our Sales representatives.

Gasket Components:
Standard Buna-N. Also available in Neoprene, EPDM, Gum, Butyl, Silicone, PTFE.

CAMLOCK COUPLINGS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR COMPRESSED GAS APPLICATIONS!! Dust caps and dust plugs ARE NOT to be used for pressure applications for safety and environmental reasons

Size Brass
1-1/2" 315CV90BR 315CV90AL
2" 320CV90BR 320CV90AL
3" - 330CV90AL

- Flow is from coupler end through threaded connection.

If a dash (-) appears in lieu of a part number, please inquire regarding current availability, MOQ and/or leadtime may inccured.
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